Denise Warzel

Scientific Program Analyst
National Cancer Institute
United States

Denise Warzel Denise Warzel, BBA, MSc, is a science program analyst at the National Cancer Institute. She leads the design and development of the Cancer Data Standards Registry and Repository (caDSR) where semantically annotated definitions of common data elements, models, and case report forms are created, maintained, and redistributed and is now focusing on expanding its services to address a broader spectrum standards, harmonization and transformation requirements to support the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons. She also serves as Convenor for ISO/JTC1/SC32/WG2 Data Management and Interchange, Metadata Standards. Her interests are in leveraging machine readable descriptions of data for organizational understanding and usage throughout the data lifecyle. Prior to joining NCI, Denise worked for the International Business Machines where her involvement in data mining led her to NCI to help build infrastructure to enable using cancer data in similar ways.

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